When Tragedy Strikes

This point is a tough one, but it is something worth understanding. There is a mass shooting fairly often, and other many terrible events occur on a regular basis.

In reflection of these situations where many innocent people lose their lives, you hear words of comfort such as, “God needed him/her in Heaven more than on Earth.” You also hear that “God needed another angel.”

While the intent of this is to comfort the families of the victims, it is also misleading. Bad things happen because people do bad things. We are in a fallen world with fallen people, and sometimes people have accidents, and sometimes people willingly do terrible things and there is no “greater purpose” behind it other than wickedness.

God does not arrange tragedy to bring people to Heaven. God does not arrange hits on His people to bring them to Heaven because He needs them there. Christ’s crucifixion was His own “self-sacrifice,” for as Christ said, “the father and I are one,” and He did this self-sacrifice in order to save all of His children (humans) from having to suffer, as well as to fully unlock his divine nature and release the Holy Spirit (another sermon in itself).

But, tragedy, such as these mass shootings, happen because people want to be evil. Justice needs to be served to punish evil. Biblically, the wicked were always punished, and even wicked kings were conquuered in due time in order to rescue or defend God’s people. God often called for His people to fight against their oppressors.

Bad things happen because people want to do bad things and because people are careless and people make mistakes. It doesn’t have to be a divine reason…

But, our comfort comes in that DESPITE the bad things, Heaven provides relief and restoration. DESPITE the bad things, God will bring healing and justice in Earth and/or the afterlife. DESPITE the bad things, God will provide the silver lining to our dark clouds – He doesn’t have to create the darkness, but hmHe redeems it. God heals, restores, and brings about His glory DESPITE the darkness.

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