About Us

Universal God & Faith Equilibrium Ministries, also known as “The Balance and Power Institute,” operates in a variety of ministries and outreaches to reach those who would not be found in the regular church, or those who are seeking a deeper, more prophetic experience in addition to their regular church.  Our specific outreach ministries are:

  • Prophetic Ministry – One-on-one prophetic counsel and teaching, based on Biblical standards and statutes. Contact us today for God’s divine word for your life.
  • Itinerant Ministry – This is our evangelism, going out to speak at different churches and organizations.
  • Entrepreneurial Ministry – This is a business coaching ministry where we have seminars and workshops, as well as mastermind groups, to encourage entrepreneurship. Jesus said that the servant that did not multiply his talents was wicked but the one that did was good and faithful, so we teach saints to multiply their “talents.”
  • Multimedia Ministry – This is the work we do through our online, live service, conference calls, podcasts, and other forms of technology.
  • Homeless Relief Ministry – We have a passion for the homeless and will work, with the help of our partners, to bring relief to those who are facing hard times and homelessness.
  • Fu-phil-it (FUn, PHILosophy, fIT) Ministry – This is our health and fitness ministry. Know ye not that your body is the temple of God? Maintain your temple and be good stewards of the bodies that God has blessed you with.
  • UGFE Ministry Institute – This is our institute where we teach the deeper mysteries of God, covering more complex theology, controversial topics, and also offer pastoral training. Contact us for information about joining today!

These are our primary ministries. As with any ordained ministry, we also perform traditional sacraments such as Communion, weddings, etc.

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