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New Video – Don’t Look Back

One of the big mistakes that believers, and people in general, make is trying to hold on to things (people, places, events) that God has delivered them from. There is a time and a season for everything. When those seasons are over, they are meant to remain that way.

When God gets you out of a bad relationship or situation, it is not merited for you to reopen it or go back to you. The woman who looked back at Sodom and Gomorrah was turned into a pillar of salt for being disobedient and looking back.

That doesn’t mean that you must forget anything. It also doesn’t take anything away from the legacy. You only open the risk to tarnish your memories or the legacy of what was once great, when you try to keep using or returning to it after it is meant to be over.

Listen to the message below to hear the blessed Word of God concerning not looking back to situations, or reopening doors, that are already or should be closed.

Four Core Health Quadrants

Enjoy the following health tip from our health and fitness ministry, “Fu-Phil-It”

Utilize the Four Core Health Quadrants to maximize your health level.  This is a non-complicated approach and simply involves making small adjustments in the four core areas that affect general health.  These four core areas are:

Walking – Walking daily, which is a very low impact exercise that most people can do, goes a long way in keeping you healthy. Daily walking is extremely helpful in preventing many forms of degenerative disease, and increasing your overall wellness while reducing stress.
Water – Your body is composed primarily of water, and getting enough each day (the number of ounces should be at least half of your body weight) is vital in regulating many of the necessary functions of your body from temperature regulation to weight management to toxin removal.
Sleep – In these fast paced times, the majority of people don’t get enough sleep. Sleep, however, is when the body recovers and rebuilds as a result of all of the activities that occurred during the waking hours. Enough sleep, which is actually restful, keeps the stress levels down as well, which aids in positive results instead of negative impacts.
Food – The easiest thing to say about food is to follow the food chart, and when following the food chart, try to use food that is as natural/organic as possible. The proper balance of food, as found in the food chart, will ensure much more balanced nutrition, which helps the body to function properly.

Focusing on these four simple areas of health are the essential steps for most people to remain healthy for the long run. These areas of health will ensure a healthy body weight, much lower risk of disease, higher energy, less stress, and great overall well-being. So, considering this, don’t wait any longer in taking care of your health! Take care of yourself now so that others won’t have to later.

To your health,

Fu-Phil-It Ministry
…of UGFE Ministries

Miracle of Salvation?

“Salvation is the greatest miracle!”

This is what they shout from the pulpit in the corporate modeled church, but where is the scripture to acknowledge this?

A miracle is an act of divine, unnatural, or unusual type of event. It is something that is performed by someone. Jesus/Yeshua’s first miracle was turning water into wine.

Show me in scripture where following Jesus, or accepting salvation, is considered a miracle! Out of all the people who became disciples – even the boisterous Simon/Peter – the Bible does not refer to their conversion as a miracle.

Where does this statement come from then?

I’ll tell you where… This is a statement made to validate weakened faith. Normally this type of statement is made in churches that seem to not really believe in the full power of the prayers where they are praying.

I’ve been to the churches where though they read the scriptures and even pray, they act like they don’t believe in what the scriptures say about divine healing, casting out spirits, prophecy, gifts of tongues, restoring life from death, and so on…. despite that these are things that the very scriptures attest.

These churches will address medical science procedures as miracles.

Why? Because, by calling something they know is common as a miracle will protect them from the let down something bigger not happening. In other words, it is playing it safe and basically saying that, “if this is all I can get to prove my faith, I’ll take it.”

God’s miracles, however are REAL miracles. God’s miracles are things like: bringing someone back from death, healing leprosy with the restoration of lost limbs, multiplying food massively, casting out vile spirits, and causing a plant to die from just speaking it. God’s miracles are not figurative, but they are REAL.

When we are ready to truly walk in faith, we will no longer call the non-miraculous as miracles, but believe in true miracles. Yes all these other things are great, but God is truly able, and we don’t have to weaken our expectations of faith to help Him out!

Powers or Power

There have been many movies over the last couple of years that are adaptations of comic books, in which people have or develop super powers and become superheroes. Likewise, this has also spread over to television shows and the like. Normally when a person is watching these shows, as one of the attractions to this genre, the “audience” members envision what it would be like if they had such powers, and what they would do if they did.

To that idea, I ask a rhetorical question. If you, on today, received superpowers (such as the Green Lantern’s ability to create anything he can imagine or the telekinetic ability to move things with your mind), what are the first few things that come to your mind that you would do with them? This is rhetorical, so be truly honest with yourself.

Some of you may truthfully answer that you’d use it to help mankind in some way or another… Others will say they’d use it to help mankind, but the first thought that comes to mind is using the power to steal money, abuse power, or get some sort of enjoyment from an area of lust. This is where the lesson is centered, for what you’d do if you had full access to do anything is what is really in your heart.

It is important for us to protect our heart, for in Proverbs 4:23 it states “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Our heart reveals our true character, as scripture declares in Luke 6:45 that “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.”

This is actually one of the biggest problems with “church folk,” that though they put this great facade on every Sunday about how holy they are, their hearts remain corrupt, and it shows whenever the pressure is on. This is also why many never grow in the blessings of God, because it is out of the heart that the issues (good or bad) flow, so really what is being manifested in our lives is dependent on what is brewing on the inside. We talk about wanting prosperity, strength, and security in our lives, but in our hearts is weakness, corruption, and fear, and those things are what are then produced in our lives… a life of misery.

All hope is not lost though; but we do have to start changing that which is in our heart, and that can be done by the Word of God. We renew our mind with the Word of God. Our heart is filled with that which we allow in. We spend our lives hearing and being taught by negative advice and experiences, and this beccomes the abundance of our hearts, which continues to cultivate and reproduce more of itself. We have to learn to block out all of the anti-Christ, anti-faith, anti-success, failure-minded, fear-minded ideas that are constantly bombarding us and SUBMERGE ourselves in God’s Word and wisdom. As we continue to do this, and increase our awareness and control about what we are professing over ourselves (the negativity) then replace it with Godly wisdom, the abundance of our heart will soon start changing. It’s what you put into your heart (via your eyes, ears, and your own self prophetic words) that fills your heart. As you gain discipline over these gates to your heart and the abundance of your heart changes, so shall the life you live and issues thereof that flow out if it. You have to change your heart though.

Until now, your idea of power has more consumed with the fantasy powers that would come from an external source. Sure, if they were real, they would surely be powerful in a physical way. The real power, however, is formulated deep within the inner man (the temple of God) in the heart, and this power, truly is more capable of producing greater or worse things than any superpowers you could imagine. It is vital that we understand that superpowers are of no match to the true power that exists within, as this internal power, from our heart, truly controls all of the issues that life has to offer. Get the heart in check, and all of the superpowers that you can imagine, can be produced by the power of the heart within. Bless you!

By the grace of God,

Prophet Kelvin “Besodeiah” Broadus
UGFE Ministries