Universal God & Faith Equilibrium (UGFE) Ministries is a prophetic, empowerment ministry focused on teaching people through divine, Biblical wisdom how to live a life of balance and peace through Christ without shame, fear, or hesitation.

UGFE Ministries operates primarily in the prophetic ministry via evangelism and one-on-one prophetic coaching, but also in a variety of outreach programs including: multimedia, homeless relief, and health ministry. By impacting the nations with the eternal wisdom of YHWH, the lives of multitudes can be forever changed for the better.

Command Your Blessing Today!

Scripture teaches that as you sow seed (give, support, donate), you shall reap multiplied blessings by the same measure (Luke 6:38), and that as you support the work of God, your seed (money, blessings, income) shall increase that you may continue to sow more (2 Cor 9:10). We never want to prevent you from having this opportunity to sow into the good ground of this ministry that you may reap your bountiful harvest.

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