Covenant Partnership

Covenants are agreements that are made, in which two parties are bound even to a spiritual level. They are different than contracts, as contracts are made by man, full of loopholes and complex, confusing terms, and arguable – even subject to changes. Covenants are straight forward, simple, and based on honor, and were often established by blood throughout time.

Covenant partners are those who join with this ministry based on honor because you feel led to support this ministry’s God ordained work to the nations. As a covenant partner, you join us in this ministry to send the prophetic word to the world and establish outreach activities to reach others with the wisdom and love of God. Our covenant partners include: churches, ministries, businesses, and individuals. Partners receive access to additional secret teachings from our ministry institute, donation free prophetic counsel sessions OR business evaluations, and discounted access to products and events. Partnership levels include:

  • Individual – Recommended minimum monthly donation of $37 and regular freewill offerings.
  • Church/Ministry – Recommended minimum monthly donation of $74 (two $37 offerings) and freewill offerings. Church/ministry partners receive prophetic guidance and direction.
  • Business – Recommended minimum monthly payment of $100. Business partners not only receive spiritual covering/guidance, but also receive business coaching services at a discounted rate.

Email us at for more information or to get started today with covenant partnership.

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