Solomon’s Mistake

In the book of 1 Kings, chapter 11, King Solomon – the wisest man in the world – was able to be influenced to disobey God.

He had been given wisdom by God! He was world renowned! Royalty from all over would come to seek him for his wisdom bring him riches and resources! He had wealth, power, and hundreds of wives! He had been chosen to build God’s temple after King David lost that honor.

Yet, Solomon chose to take in new wives who worshipped false and wicked gods, despite God’s (YHWH) warnings. After continued warnings, God finally released an enemy to come at attack Solomon.

The lessons are:

1. If even the wisest man in the world can be influenced to go astray, then anyone can. Carefully choose those who you are connected to, as they influence your destiny.

2. God will give you repeated opportunities to get it right and change your ways (repent) before destruction comes. Take advantage of these opportunities to stop before you have to be forced to stop.

3. Just as the word says that we can humble ourselves, confess, and turn away from evil and God will hear us and restore us (heal our land), we can and should. Even when we hit the bottom and are defeated, we can still be restored.

Peace and blessings!

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